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The world of online learning is changing rapidly. At ASPIRE Academy, we have learned that a vibrant, interactive classroom experience is possible, even when our students aren't physically together. ASPIRE Academy is unique in the world of online learning. We offer a live interactive experience for all our students in grades 1-12. When ASPIRE Academy students log on in the morning, they remain connected, live with their teachers and classmates during class time, asking questions, working on assignments, connecting with their friends and peers, and getting their work done.

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Space is limited and an application process and tier system will be used for registration. Families who are interested in ASPIRE should fill and submit an interest form on our PORTAL.


This program is unique and appealing because there will be an emphasis on live interactive instructional elements where relationships are built with students and instant feedback provided.


Tuition is comparable with other distance education programs.


Families who do not have immediate access to brick and mortar SDA schools in MICHIGAN have first-level access to ASPIRE through the end of  March. If seats are still available, other applicants will be given consideration until we have reached our enrollment cap. Our goal is to provide access to Adventist Education to as many students as possible. When in doubt, submit an interest form and we will get back with you. 


There are three “capstone” events during the year where students from across the state and the nation come together to spend time bonding, building rapport, school spirit, and spiritual formation with their ASPIRE classmates.


ASPIRE Academy is an ACCREDITED SCHOOL and follows North American Division standards and curriculum within a framework that contains flexibility for families.


Encouragement is given for students to grow individually and be “independent thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thoughts.”


At its core, ASPIRE will reflect and carry out the Michigan Conference Education Departments 3 Keys:

1. Bringing students to the foot of the cross.

2. Quality at all levels

3. Training students in the message and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


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Margarett - ASPIRE Parent

ASPIRE has been a blessing to our family. I like the fact that it is a real school - just online with an online teacher! They have strict behavioral protocols for the children since they are using technology, and as a parent, I am comforted by the fact that our son is being well supervised. The programs are creative and challenging, and there is personalized instruction for each grade - explaining concepts that may have been missed. We especially appreciate the efforts to regularly and actively present Christ and Christian content to the children.

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Chandra - ASPIRE Parent

We really have been blessed by ASPIRE and feel privileged to be a part of it and have the opportunity to join again next year. It’s a good fit for our family. Some of the things we love include the spiritual aspect of ASPIRE. This is the most important. God is the focus and I appreciate how each day stands and ends with Him. We love having our child at home but she still gets live interaction with her teachers and peers. Even though it’s online, the bond is strong and the relationships are great. We love the special days that ASPIRE plans, like the Christmas party and Valentine's Day party. ASPIRE teachers go above and beyond in our minds. Sending special things in the mail and being available to answer questions. Even though it’s online, we have sensed a strong community feeling with the teachers and students. Our daughter is a happier child doing ASPIRE versus homeschooling. It’s a great balance between being home and getting social interaction that is focused on God. It works well for our family.


Voice or TEXT: ‪(517) 258-2435‬

If you have questions about ASPIRE, please contact our principal, Benjamin Zork.

ASPIRE Academy

5801 W Michigan Ave

Lansing, MI 48917

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